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We transform education by delivering programs that meet the needs of the future of work and help solve our global social and economic challenges.

our asia-pacific story

Launched in 2014 in Melbourne.


From humble beginnings, Keypath Education has grown considerably. Today, we service thousands of students across the Asia-Pacific and the world by developing, designing and delivering the most career-relevant online education solutions that enhance the learning experience and advance student outcomes.

Keypath Ryan OHare
Our leaders

'What drives us every day is our deep care for the student. We want their education experience to be transformative as well as enjoyable.'

Ryan O'Hare, CEO Australia & Asia Pacific.


We are an international team of experienced education experts committed to the bold and unwavering pursuit of success for our partners and their students.

keypath culture

Education doesn't stop at graduation—not for our students, and not for us.


We are driven to create an impact in the lives of our students, our people, and the communities they serve. We achieve this through our partnerships and purposefully designed programs that deliver career-relevant skills used to solve global and social challenges, and through the embodiment of our values – diversity, inclusion, care for our community and the environment.

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Presidential Awards 2020

Presidential Awards

Keypath Education's vision is to design and deliver the most career-relevant online programs with the world's leading universities. We lead with a bold and
Our People
Rehanie Perera

My Path: Rehanie Perera, Student Success Advisor

What aspirations did you have when you joined Keypath? I was not sure what to expect from Keypath when I first joined just over a year ago. I was at a turning
Our People
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