About Us

What is it that unites ‘Keypathers’ around the globe? They believe in the power of education, and are committed to helping our partners reach more students than ever before and create the best online education experiences.

Continuing the Tradition

Our global leadership team pioneered the first online program management partnerships and helped launch hundreds of today’s most successful online programs. They aren’t the type to rest on their laurels, though. They are driven to find what’s next and build the best team in the business.

"Be Bold and Do Meaningful Work”

You could call this our mantra. We seek out unique challenges. We move fast by choice. We push ourselves to be lifelong learners, and demand the best from one another. It’s what defines Keypath – and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Building True Partnerships

The traits that bind us together internally are the same qualities we look for in our university partners. We value open and honest feedback. We treat our partners’ brands with the utmost respect. And truth be told, big challenges motivate us.

“The more we work together, the more we feel like we are all a part of the same team. Every day, I get a better understanding of what Cindy Wheatley meant when she said that Keypath would be a “force multiplier”. There truly is no “weak link” on your team!”

B. Craig Stanley III, Ph.D., LCSW Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, The College of Social Work, Florida State University

A message from our CEO

From humble beginnings in early 2014, Keypath Australia has grown considerably. As of today, we service thousands of students from across Australia and around the world by providing access to high-quality online degrees from Australia’s leading universities.

It started from the belief that easy access to online degrees for busy working professionals was a bare minimum. We knew that a high level of service and support was required to enrol, study and graduate; and that the quality of the student experience had to significantly improve.

These days, consumers can get instant online access to travel, banking, maps, shopping and social experiences. It’s user-friendly, intuitive and built for them. There’s simply no reason why online education shouldn’t be the same for students, shouldn’t fit into someone’s life just as seamlessly and be just as enjoyable.

Setting that challenge was easy, fulfilling it was always going to be the difficult part. What drives us every day is the knowledge that we care deeply about the student experience, because we’ve all been students and wished it were better in many areas. Now, through our university partnerships, we’re entrusted with achieving that and can push the boundaries in terms of what can be done.

Our Australian business mirrors our student population, too; we’re made up of all ages, backgrounds and differing educational journeys. Our people come from over 25 different countries (and counting), and share our values of curiosity, innovation, collaboration and diversity. We’ve grown quickly, experienced some highs and lows, and achieved an incredible amount along the way.

Our future is bright; if we remain true to our values, we – and in turn, our partners – can deliver on our mission of expanding access to high-quality education.

Ryan O’Hare
CEO, Australia & Asia-Pacific

A message for our CEO
Working at Keypath video

“We develop a trusting partnership with our institutions and they understand how our mission and values impact our success. Together we’ve experienced success in enrollment, growth and completion.”

Cindy Wheatley, Ph.D., SVP of Research at Keypath