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We build meaningful connections – with each other, our university partners and the students we support around the world.

How Can You Become a Part of Keypath?

It takes many skills to enable online education for the world’s best universities. If you’re looking to use your unique set of skills to make a difference, our online program management team is always on the lookout for motivated individuals. You could be our next senior instructional designer, a stellar enrolment advisor, or even a marketing specialist with a passion for emerging media.

Meet Stephen, an Instructional Designer

Instructional Design Team

The instructional design team loves learning about learning. Using leading online pedagogy and the latest in distance learning technology, they embed themselves alongside faculty and staff to re-envision course content for incredible student experiences.

Instructional Designer

Marketing Team

The marketing team has their finger on the pulse; they know about the next thing before it’s the next thing. They can craft a strategy and execute it down to the detail. They are fluent in digital, and always spotting new opportunities for our university partners.

Associate Director of Marketing

Digital Media Specialist

Marketing Manager

Marketing team
Student Success team

Student Services Team

The student services team members are ambassadors of our partners. From first enquiry through to graduation, they understand student needs and get to know them on a first-name basis. They are good listeners. They are curious. Most of all, they enjoy helping others succeed.

Student Enrolment Advisor

Student Success Advisor

Account Management Team

The account management team acts as a bridge between the internal and external teams of a university partnership. They are across the entire student lifecycle and feed invaluable insight back to their partners. They guide strategic vision and ensure academic success is the number one priority.




Account Management team