Keypath Education: the Meaning Behind the Logo
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Keypath Education: the Meaning Behind the Logo

10/01/15   |  
Chris Williams
First, came the new name and then it was time to design a new the logo. We wanted a logo that was modern and clean, and we also wanted it to elicit a feeling and have meaning.
I’m going to give you a behind-the-scenes tour of the new Keypath Education logo. It has many pieces; all are significant.
“The psychology behind a logo is so fascinating," said Creative Director, Laura Menninger. "When creating this logo, Keypath’s story and values made it exciting for us to develop a symbol that has so much meaning behind it. Our team was proud to work on this project and in the end, it was rewarding to see how well it turned out.”
The first thing you notice is the bright, multi-colored circle. This represents several things:
  1. The circle represents the relationship we have with our partners. Our partnerships are based on trust and commitment. We are wholly dedicated to their success.
  2. The seven segments represent the various stages in the student journey. What we offer is unique - we partner with institutions to help them with all stages of the student journey. Everything from marketing and recruitment, to course design and delivery, to enhancing student outcomes through proprietary technology. Our business has evolved, and it’s important that our new logo communicates our commitment to better serving students.
  3. The three colors used in the circle represent our global offices – the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia. In its entirety, the shape of the circle mimics the shape of the globe.
  4. Finally, the circle represents our process and evolution. It is engrained in our culture to challenge the status quo. We continually test, optimize, adjust and make improvements. Our products and solutions are never finished, and we will always seek to achieve better results.
We chose the logo’s colors very carefully.
  • Maroon symbolizes sophistication and determination. Higher education is often a challenging industry. We strive to provide exceptional results for our partners and develop impactful solutions to help them grow.
  • Red symbolizes power, desire, passion and excitement. We are proud of who we are and passionately serve our partners and their students.
  • Gold symbolizes innovation, optimism, boldness and intellect. Our entrepreneurial spirit and vision have helped us grow into who we are today.
  • Gray symbolizes strength, stability and security. For more than 26 years, we have been dedicated to higher education, pioneering services as students and institutions evolve.
The font used for Keypath Education pays homage to our PlattForm logo and roots. Although we are starting a new chapter, we wanted to pay tribute to our history and nurture familiarity of our brand.
Now take a step back. Look at the logo from a distance. Do you see it? The outline of the logo is the subtle shape of a key turned sideways.
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