Role of an Associate Director of Marketing

10/04/17   |  
Keypath Education Australia

What's it like to work as an Associate Director of Marketing at Keypath? Nina Paulus has given us a little taste of the role, the responsibilities and what she enjoys most.

What are your key responsibilities?

I focus on maintaining strong strategic relationships with our university partners to ensure each university’s unique brand attributes and reputation for expertise is reflected in the postgraduate degrees we bring to market. That also includes a focus on the quality of education and study experience we offer our students across the entire lifecycle.

What kind of skills do you need for your role?

This is very much a right and left side of the brain role! A very strong knowledge of and experience in digital marketing is important – so too is an ability to work with data. We track a lot of data and run multiple reports, as most of our activities come from a data-driven perspective. A strong grasp of social platforms and the ability to understand the analytics behind them is also key. The other critical skill is the ability to apply that data to ideation and creative thinking. We need to be able to understand the person behind the numbers – there is a very creative but also very logical side to the role.

Why is your role important at Keypath?

As we grow, a critical part of my role is to have the foresight to assist our university partners in making investment decisions in the development of postgraduate degrees. This is supported by an assessment of future occupations and skills, by looking closely at market trends, student and job data. To do that well, we focus on our university partners’ strengths and reputation, and see where that fits into future planning. It can be a great adventure when you build something from scratch!

What do you enjoy most about your role?

I love the challenge and the pace of my role, and that I’m learning something new every single day. The opportunity to work with really nice, talented and smart people means I am never bored – every day, something new happens. If you have an idea and are prepared to own it, you can run with it. Here at Keypath, we are always challenging the status quo.