Role of a Student Enolment Advisor

09/25/17   |  
Keypath Education Australia

As a Student Enrolment Advisor, Aman and her fellow team members are a student's first point of contact. Learn more about her responsibilities and what she enjoys the most about the role.

What are your key responsibilities?

After a prospective student starts researching a postgraduate degree with one of our partner universities, I’m the first person they speak to. I work closely with them to help choose a program of study that is best suited to their goals and motivations. My job is to see how I can assist them reach those goals and help them understand how study will fit into their lives, as well as how the application process and online learning environment will work.

What kind of skills do you need for your role?

Strong customer service skills are important when it comes to helping people. Great people and communication skills are also critical because you are trying to get people to open up and tell you why this decision to study is important to them. Organisational skills are also needed for my role. Often, we deal with people who are very busy and time-poor, so it’s essential to schedule in time that is convenient for them to have a thorough discussion. In my mind, the most critical skill is to be a good listener. We try to encourage and guide the prospective student towards a degree best suited to their goals and experience. It’s great to help people get to the next level in their career.

Why is your role important to Keypath?

When dealing with the student directly as the first point of contact, it’s important to have a really thorough conversation with them. We are very student-focused and have their best interests in mind – and that’s paramount when aligning their goals, motivations and life with studying a postgraduate degree.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

Being able to help people change their lives and pursue their goals is really satisfying. People feel incredibly empowered by the opportunity to better their lives through education – to be there at the start is a really special feeling. Hearing them say, ‘I know this is for me’ is great.