Why Keypath?

Not all online program management companies are alike. Some require you to adopt their software, others lock you into services you don’t need. Keypath is the only online education services partner that tailors its service to your university.

Can you achieve quick wins and executive long-term strategies? We think so.

More than 250 Keypathers around the world have teamed up with our universities to make it possible, and it shows in the strength of our partnerships and performance.

Hallmarks of a Keypath partnership

  • Global Reach
  • Customisable Services
  • Flexible Financial Model
  • Unrivalled Online Experience
  • Ongoing Research and Optimisation
  • University Academic Control

“The SCU Keypath relationship had the opportunity to transform our organization by pushing and supporting the University to make both the student and staff collaborative learning experience more enriching, more engaging, more meaningful. Our SCU Online venture has driven real innovation and change in the way in which we teach and helped set academic standards that in many cases are now being folded back into the organization across its academic portfolio.”

Chris Patton, Vice President (Global) - 2012 -2017 Southern Cross University

Performance by the Numbers

  • 80% lower university investment
  • 2-3x faster break-even and profit
  • Up to 95% term-over-term retention rates
  • 150+ programs built by our leadership team
  • 100% on-time launches

Other Partner Achievements

  • 13 partners of 1,000 institutions that are globally ranked
  • 6 partners listed on the Young University Rankings
  • 4 partners from Australia’s top 20 universities
  • 11 US partners ranked by USN&WR
  • 2 UK partners with double- and triple-accredited business schools