Student Recruitment

A lot can happen between enquiry and enrolment, so it’s crucial to have a detailed, timely and strategic admissions and enrolment process. Our enrolment advisors are a trusted resource for prospective students.

Has a prospective student completed all of their prerequisites? Did they successfully submit their application? Do they meet admissions criteria? Enrolment advisors are there to answer these questions and more, ensuring you never lose prospective students because they couldn’t find the information they needed, when they needed it.

Dedicated Enrolment Advisors

Our enrolment advisors work on behalf of your university to field all phone and online enquiries. These advisors are trusted liaisons, working with students to understand their goals and motivation for further education.

By taking a consultative approach, our advisors follow detailed communication guidelines from the first contact with prospective students to admittance.

Enrolment advisors help students with everything they need during the application process and are responsible for staying abreast of university processes and procedures.

Dedicated Enrolment Advisors

“I feel that she goes above and beyond, and not only because this may be her job, but you can tell that she loves what she does and has your best interest at heart. She is quick to respond and everything is very organised. Let me tell you, she is the face of your university and my first impression ... as I research other colleges, because of my enrolment advisor, I have chosen your university as my number one choice.”

Prospective student for a Keypath partner
Seamless Integration with Marketing

Seamless Integration with Marketing

Too often, universities invest heavily in marketing efforts only to have those efforts unravel between enquiry and admittance.

Our enrolment advisors are well versed in our higher education marketing strategies and technology systems, allowing them to assist students within minutes and use CRM solutions to their full potential.

Your University Retains Full Control

Our team of enrolment advisors will forward completed applications that match your selection criteria. Your university controls final admission decisions.