Program Marketing

Never underestimate the power of a brand with proven differentiators. Our marketing team works with your staff to hone the target audience and messaging specific to the programs being offered, and in alignment with your brand. We share your university’s story in compelling ways within channels where prospectives students are most likely to respond.

It’s hard to know where marketing begins and ends in our always-on, multi-screen and media-rich culture. That’s why we must start with understanding your prospective students and what motivates them.

Data-Informed Approach

Our marketing efforts begin with data and research – but sometimes, the data doesn’t always match expectations. Our team is agile enough to adjust any given strategy to capitalise on the opportunity.

Once we understand the competitive market, program potential and other guiding data, we create a series of target student personas, which guide our strategy for effective messaging, content and media mix. All marketing activities are tested with proprietary models, measured against industry benchmarks and visualised in real-time reporting.

Marketing Integration

Keypath integrates several marketing disciplines with the goal of guiding prospective students from awareness to enquiry. Whether it’s search engine marketing, paid search or traditional media, each channel complements another, creating a seamless experience for prospective students to take the next step.

Data-Informed Approach
Adaptable Technology

Creative Execution

The universities that quickly produce content on brand and on budget will earn the attention of prospective students looking to further their education online. Our in-house creative team is capable of tackling everything from TV and retargeting ads to social media marketing and email nurturing campaigns.

Strategic Corporate Partnerships

Any recruitment for online programs should leverage corporate or B2B partnerships, to ensure full access to highly qualified prospective students that are motivated and supported to further their education.

Keypath has established industry-specific regional, national and international B2B recruitment partnerships. We will work collaboratively to build a bespoke strategy for your university that leverages our network, as well as your connections and alumni.

International Capabilities

Global demand for higher education is growing; there is significant opportunity for universities to diversify their student recruitment into rapidly developing economies, such as Indonesia, Vietnam and India. Keypath has enrolled students from 45 countries and our network of international strategic partners continues to grow, allowing us to stay ahead of trends in the market.

We will evaluate your program, target markets and market demand to develop a customised international marketing strategy. Our experience working with universities in the four of the top higher education destinations gives us a unique perspective and enables us to leverage a robust network of marketing channels and partners to extend your university’s reach.

In-House Expertise

Keypath builds on more than two decades of global experience in recruiting busy adult learners. Our robust in-house marketing team blends strategic insight, creative execution, channel integration and continual optimisation for long-term enrolment growth.

International Capabilities