Online Program Management

Building successful online degree programs requires attention to detail for every aspect of the student experience and dedication to continuous improvement.

There is no silver-bullet solution for navigating the always-changing online landscape. Every institution is unique, with its own set of opportunities yet to be discovered. Keypath Education has the team, experience, tools and processes to take the best of on-campus experiences and reinvigorate them to create a world-class online learning environment.

Keypath Has Helped Partners Worldwide Launch 90+ Programs

"The SCU Keypath relationship had the opportunity to transform our organization by pushing and supporting the University to make both the student and staff collaborative learning experience more enriching, more engaging, more meaningful. Our SCU Online venture has driven real innovation and change in the way in which we teach and helped set academic standards that in many cases are now being folded back into the organization across its academic portfolio."

Chris Patton, Vice President (Global) - 2012 -2017 Southern Cross University