Leadership Team

Meet the team who is achieving long-term growth and delivering the best online learning experiences for our partners, helping our local universities to launch, grow and support their online programs.


"I am excited to be a part of taking the history and experience of the company into the future with closer partnerships and key focus areas like integrated marketing, program management, and international marketing and recruitment. All of what we do will result in schools attracting, acquiring and retaining successful students.'

Steve Fireng, Global CEO

"In every other online experience people have these days, they get amazing experiences – be it banking, ordering groceries, selecting music – it should be the same in education. It’s incumbent on us all to make everyone’s education experience spectacular."

Ryan O'Hare, CEO, Australia & Asia-Pacific

"My vision of success has been shaped by the challenges I’ve faced as a student, educator and professional. Some of the greatest challenges (as well as opportunities) of my job include managing client expectations, bridging university silos, ushering timely change management at universities and responding to increasingly competitive online program marketplace."

Howell Williams, Chief Development Officer (AU)

"Higher education is a major growth industry, and I’m excited to be part of something that’s changing dramatically – for the better. I’m also keen to continue higher education myself. It’s great to work for an employer who implicitly supports that."

Marcus King, Director of Operations (AU)

"Education helps everyone. And the way online education is developing means everyone can participate. Everyone can benefit."

Lisa Jane McDonald, Director of Marketing (AU)

"Being at the forefront of online education is giving us the power to reach students who may not have otherwise had the chance for further study as an adult. Knowing that our students are ambitious and crave continued learning, and the fact that we can offer this to them in an interactive, accessible format, is really inspiring to me."

Angelo Nardozza, Executive Director of Student Operations

"Knowing that the work we are doing provides opportunities for our students to grow, reach their goals and make an impact in the world that they might not have otherwise had is exciting!"

Kathryn Cliff, HR Manager (AU)

"For me, education isn’t just a career – it’s a calling. I am passionate about learning in any form, but I am especially committed to providing access to higher education for those who might not otherwise be able to attend college because of their life circumstances."

Cindy Wheatley, Chief Academic Strategist

“The access to quality higher education, regardless of location and/or lifestyle, is a game-changer for many populations around the globe.”

James Tribue, VP of New Program Development

“The quest to improve online education keeps me interested in higher education, and being able to share this passion with our faculty, people who will inspire generations to come, is a privilege.”

Chris Valadez, Global VP of Instructional Services

“Employee satisfaction, positive partner feedback and student testimonials are good signs that we are successfully executing on our efforts.” 

James Morgan, Global VP of Admissions

“What we do helps people reach goals they never thought they could achieve on their own. That keeps me motivated to continue learning and growing, myself.”

Robin Washington, Global VP of Student Support Services