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Your COVID-19 faculty support services.

We believe that online learning is transformative. With the COVID-19 virus, many faculty and students are facing an unexpected transition as they move instruction into fully online formats.

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Resources to elevate your online teaching.


We aim to help instructors discover solutions for the challenges they may be confronting. We are all committed, in this unprecedented time, to support one another in creating quality online learning strategies for faculty and students to continue to teach and learn together, from where they are.

Made by our Learning Designers.


With this in mind, we’re introducing Keypath Elevate: Faculty Support Series. The instructional design team at Keypath is dedicated to providing quality faculty resources and strategies supporting your transition to teaching online with:

•  On-demand videos
•  Live sessions
•  Downloadable resources

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on demand videos


Easy steps for creating an online course

Designing your online course week is no small feat, but there are ways to simplify the process.


Avoiding pitfalls in online learning

This resource outlines how to avoid some common pitfalls of online teaching and learning.


Critical tips for online course facilitation

In this video, we provide five critical tips for facilitating online teaching so that your students stay engaged.


Should this be a live session? Determining the mode for online experiences

This video lesson provides useful tips for faculty who are planning live sessions.


Using your webcam to create online lectures

This video provides tips to create online lectures using your webcam.


Structure online spaces for student success

This video lesson overviews strategies to develop a consistent weekly structure and clearly communicate online expectations and how to organise your materials for online delivery.


How do I manage my large lecture course online?

This video lesson offers strategies for managing the transition of traditional classroom courses with large rosters to online classrooms.


Teaching hacks and quick wins for online instructors

In this video, you will learn how to plan and manage your time when teaching online.


Five easy ways to engage students online

The video lesson covers five ways to engage students using collaboration tools in the LMS and available online.


Deep dive into online communication and faculty presence

This video explores how in-class presence can be translated into an online presence.

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