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Working from Home for Keypath

05/21/20   |  
Courtney Mobilia

Tell us a bit about your role?

I am the Content and Communications Coordinator for Keypath. No two days are the same for me in this role, as it's a hybrid role – across two key areas of focus. One day could be heavily focused on corporate communications and Keypath's brand, another could focus on developing and facilitating animations for one of our partners, and another could revolve around social media content, PPC ad copy and web content. 

What has working from home been like for you?

Working for Keypath, we have been very fortunate to have a smooth transition from working in the office to working from our homes. Initially, I found it a bit daunting. Our content team is very creative – and often we feed off each other's creative energy, which I was not sure would translate as well over a video call. Thankfully, I was wrong, and we have found new ways to be creative and share our ideas. 

I also feel like there is a bit of freedom to work when it works for you. If I want to facetime a girlfriend over my lunch break, or get some washing done on my break, I can. Other than that, I've tried to make life as normal as possible from my little one-bedroom apartment.

What has it been like for Keypath, migrating to an online workplace?

As we are in the business of 'online', partnering with Universities to design and deliver online programs, it has come pretty naturally to us. Our corporate culture continues to blossom, with Keypathers taking the initiative to incorporate our values into their new working environment. 

I feel we have particularly focused on our values' be 'innovative' and be 'committed', which is a testament to the support we are receiving from our leadership team, in conjunction with the quality of our people  - they are all resilient, passionate and creative which I think are traits essential to success in these times. We can be proud to say we have worked as one, and come together through this crisis, to continue to achieve great things for our partners and their students.

What do you like about working from home?

Going for a morning coffee and walk with my partner or around Edinburgh Gardens on my lunch have been highlights. Having music playing in the background all day if I like. Not having to worry about my train being too busy for me to fit on in the morning. There have been a few! 

What have you found difficult to adjust when working from home?

I am missing the people, the office and the city at lunchtime. We do have video meetings quite regularly, but nothing compares to being able to get a coffee with a colleague or just sitting next to someone for the day and having the chance to chat with them next to you. 

What's your way to break up the day when working from home?

I remember our CEO telling us that there is no correct way to structure your day when working from home. If you need to take more breaks and feel like you will need to jump online at 8 pm to finish something off, so be it. Just make sure deadlines are met, and meetings are attended. He also reiterated that emulating another colleague's routine isn't feasible, just because it works for them does not mean it will work for you.

I have a partner who I live with who hasn't been able to work the last five or so weeks, so we have made a point of going for walks, bike rides or going to play basketball at the park – adding a little bit of normality into my routine. 

What skills have you learnt while working from home that you hope to translate to working back in the office?

I have made a real point of trying to stay creative even out of work hours. I have a red notebook I take with me when I go to get coffee, lunch, a walk – you name it. If something pops up in my head that I think could be an initiative or idea for the team, I make a note of it, so I don't forget it when I'm at my desk next. It is not viable to try and be creative and think outside the box constantly, so I guess if something pops into your head – make sure you have a way of documenting it for future reference.

We have also made a conscious effort to stay engaged with one another as best we can. Microsoft Teams has become our go-to platform for the Australia office, and the Global office as a whole, to meet regularly via video calls and check-in with one another across the world. 

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