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Professional Development at Keypath

04/16/20   |  
Courtney Mobilia

When did you start at Keypath Education?

I started at Keypath in March 2017.

What is the timeline of your career progression?

In my three years at Keypath Education, I have worked in four different roles. I began as a Student Enrolment Advisor (SEA) and was promoted to Senior SEA after seven months. After one and a half years in the Senior SEA role, I made the transition into the Associate Learning Designer role. After nine months as an Associate, I was promoted to Learning Designer.

Did you always have an interest in learning design? 

While speaking to prospective students on the phone, I developed a growing interest in curriculum design, online learning, and career education. Shortly after commencing at Keypath, I was collaborating with Learning Designers to discover more about course design. It was exciting to see new courses being created and speaking to students who would share what they enjoyed about these courses and their online learning experiences. While working as a Senior SEA, I also picked up more responsibility for training team members. This again deepened my interest in the process of creating engaging learning content.

How did Keypath aid your professional development?

Keypath’s commitment to continuous and lifelong learning and collaboration has certainly accelerated my own professional development. I have always had the support and encouragement of my managers and from the leaders, to test new ideas and to be creative. There are also regular opportunities for learning and development at Keypath, including team and department training sessions, one-on-one PD sessions with my manager, and company-wide initiatives like ‘lunch & learns’ hosted by various professionals from different departments. 

The strong culture of cross-functional collaboration at Keypath enabled me to develop my career. I knew I wanted to become a Learning Designer because I was able to learn from my colleagues in this area and establish rapport with them by working on projects together. Furthermore, I could confidently discuss my career development aspirations with my manager and other leaders who gave me the feedback, encouragement and practical support required for me to progress.

Aside from progressing in different roles within the company and landing my dream job, the work that we do at Keypath continuously challenges me to develop and innovate in the online education space through meaningful communication, student-centred design and consistent teamwork. 

What studies/ skills did you need to do to prepare yourself for your new role? 

I completed a Graduate Certificate in Careers Education before commencing the Associate Learning Designer role, and I am currently studying a Master of Education to support me in my new role as a Learning Designer.

What advice would you give to someone in your position three years ago? 

Seize the many opportunities given to you to collaborate with your department and across other departments in the company. Never underestimate the value of your role as a Student Enrolment Advisor because you are the voice of the student. Always ask yourself how you can better understand the student.

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