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Onboarding Remotely with Keypath Education

09/06/20   |  
Courtney Mobilia

While COVID-19 has delayed our plans slightly, this year we expanded to Sydney. We took a few minutes to catch up with two of our newest Sydney based Keypathers to hear about their roles and experience onboarding to Keypath remotely. 

First could you please introduce yourself, your role and where you’re located?

Amna: I am Amna Tariq, and I’m the first Sydney-based Student Success Advisor at Keypath Education.  

Zoe: I am Zoe Moscovis. I am a Student Enrolment Advisor and located in Sydney.

Why did you decide to apply for a position at Keypath?

Amna: This is an exciting time for online education. Covid-19 forced us all to change the way we work and study rapidly. Online program management companies like Keypath are uniquely positioned to adapt to these changing circumstances. Coming from a background in higher education and teaching, I thought Keypath presented a great opportunity for me to get more experience in the online higher education space. 

Zoe: The position of Student Enrolment Advisor at Keypath caught my eye for several reasons. Firstly, the mission to ‘change lives through education’ appealed to me, having been a tertiary student myself. Keypath specialises in delivering innovating postgraduate courses to students online, and I understand the impact that graduate study can have on people. 

The idea of being able to work with Keypath to change the lives of others was both intriguing and exciting to me. 

Another stand out for me was the sense of supported autonomy I got from the description of being a Student Enrolment Advisor. I like the idea of being able to manage my pipeline of students and being their point of contact with the university. At the same time, I’m still very much part of a team environment which I appreciate. 

Finally, the fact that Keypath specialises in online programs piqued my interest. Given the current climate, I believe that online studies are the way of the future. I was excited to apply for a role that would play a part in transforming the future of education as we know it. 

How was your onboarding experience, especially seeing as it was all done virtually?

Amna: Everything was near-seamless, from the delivery of my tech equipment to the initial training. All my colleagues were incredibly supportive, and I barely felt the distance from my team even though they were in a different city. I feel bad saying it, but in a way, it was good for me that they are still in lockdown in Melbourne because I didn’t feel like I was missing out on any social aspects of the team.

Zoe: My onboarding experience with Keypath could not have gone smoother. The hardware that was required for me to do my job arrived well before I was due to start working. Our introductory training period allowed me to connect with other new starters in both Melbourne and Sydney, which made me feel more at ease about starting remotely. Meeting my team virtually was an interesting experience, however, I never felt like it impeded on my ability to ask questions or made connections within my team and the larger Keypath organisation. 

All new starters even get to meet our CEO Ryan, so I didn’t feel as though I missed out on any experiences by not onboarding face-to-face. I found the Keypath team to be incredibly supportive and understanding during the onboarding process. Being a remote new starter has overall been a positive experience. In fact, it has been nice meeting everyone slowly over time rather than all at once on my first day!

How are you settling into your role?

Amna: It’s been a steep learning curve with all the different processes and systems, but I’m settling in well with the support of my team. There is a particular workflow around the SSA role that I am still working on perfecting, but that’s just a matter of time.

Zoe: I have been at Keypath for around three months now, and it is on track to be my favourite place to work. I enjoy the flexibility, independence, and variation that comes with the role. 

The way that the study periods are set out means that every two months cycle through new students, new courses, and new challenges, so I feel as though I am continually learning, and no two days are the same. Since I started, we have had new people join our team as well, which has made me realise how much I have learned in such a short time after helping to train them on systems and processes! 

What kind of support did you receive from the managers from the Melbourne office?

Amna: The managers have been very supportive and made themselves available for questions during both the onboarding and training. My direct manager has been excellent about letting me integrate into my team on my own, while still being responsive whenever I reach out to him. 

Zoe: My direct manager has been incredibly supportive during the entire onboarding process. From answering my small, simple questions, to helping me create a plan to reach my KPIs and targets, they have always been just a phone or video call away. My manager regularly checks in with my team and I. I often feel like I have met them in person by the amount of regular contact we have. 

Being a remote worker, the managers from the Melbourne office have ensured that I always feel supported. They made it clear from the beginning that working remotely may come with some challenges, but they are always there for me when I need it. 

One challenge that managers are aware of is the ability to form connections with the team when working virtually. My managers have planned and implemented various activities to facilitate this virtually, including buddy sessions, weekly meetings, Friday lunches, and more.

Any last things you’d like to add about your experience with Keypath to date? 

Amna: I’m excited to be part of a growing company, and while I like working from home it will be good to have a Sydney office eventually and get some face-to-face interaction with colleagues.

Zoe: Keep up the good work 😊