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Keypath Education Australia awarded 2021 AWEI Bronze Employer for LGBTQ workplace inclusion

06/09/21   |  
Keypath Education

Diverse and inclusive, it’s not just a policy. It’s who we are.

Keypath Education Australia is proud to announce that we have been recognised as a bronze employer of the year recipient in the Australian Workplace Equality Index, Australia's definitive national benchmark on LGBTQIA+ workplace inclusion. 

2021 was our first year participating and the acknowledgement proves that LGBTQIA+ inclusion initiatives need to remain a priority to us. We are incredibly proud of the result and are committed to the continuous improvement required to achieve a better result next year.

Ryan O’Hare, CEO Australia & Asia-Pacific, was delighted with the acknowledgement and had this to say about what this recognition means to our people and organisation:

“Of the many accolades, accomplishments and achievements we’ve had over the years, this one ranks proudly at the top. Whilst this award officially acknowledges us as an employer of repute for LGBTQIA+ inclusion, it will come as no surprise to the many wonderful Keypathers across Australia, past and present, who get to live and thrive within our wonderful community.
Truly embracing inclusiveness – to people from all backgrounds – isn’t something we have to aspire towards; it’s in our DNA, and it’s what drives our culture and our performance. Irrespective of your identity, you will not just be welcomed at Keypath, but embraced. From the people that hire you, to the person you work alongside, to the culture you get to thrive within. We’re proud, and we’re magnificent.”

Our Executive Sponsor of Keypath’s LGBTQIA+ Diversity & Inclusion Committee and Executive Director, Business Services, Marcus King, had this to say about our involvement in the AWEI Inclusion Awards: 

“I’m really excited about Keypath’s recognition as an inclusive workplace for diverse people. The purpose of the Australian Workplace Equality Index is to create more inclusive organisations that support LGBTQIA+ people to thrive. The work doesn’t stop here – we now have access to a roadmap of initiatives to take us on the journey to ‘platinum’ employer status – and it’ll require many hands to get us there!”

At Keypath, we truly believe that our differences are our greatest strength. Committing to being a diverse and inclusive workplace for us means being bold in acknowledging issues, taking meaningful action to measure up against them, and committing to the collaborative and ongoing process of learning and growth. It takes a lot of work to be, and to continue to be, an inclusive workplace and our Diversity and Inclusion Framework helps guide us to ensure that our actions are more than simply changing a logo to rainbow colours. 

Keypath’s HR Advisor, Henna Kossi, explains how our D&I Framework supports the recruitment and support of LGBTQIA+ Keypathers:

“Embracing diversity and workplace inclusion is about recognising the value of individual differences in our people. We review and seek feedback from our people on our hiring processes and policies to ensure they reflect our D&I strategy, we provide training to reduce the risk of unconscious bias in our process, and we encourage open conversations, including our Ask Me Anything series where all Keypathers have the chance to hear from our diverse people and their experiences. We also monitor the diversity of our workforce to assess the progress and effectiveness of our D&I work. This AWEI recognition reflects the important work we have done in LGBTQIA+ workplace inclusion and its impact on our people and future Keypathers. I am incredibly proud of our culture, where people can bring their true self to work every day!”  

To all our LGBTQIA+ Keypathers and community, we are so proud of you, and we look forward to continuing our journey to becoming better allies and progressing towards an even greater outcome for our entry in 2022.