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Meet a Keypather: Dawa Bokhang

09/27/20   |  
Keypath Education Australia

How and/or why did you become a Web Developer?

I started my career as a graphic designer and found my way to web development and design through my first job as a web design intern. I enjoyed the interactive possibilities I could create between my work and the end-users. I view web development as a career that is creative problem-solving at its core. 

It’s no secret that Web Development plays an integral part in delivering online education. Why does the contribution of Web Development to the online courses and programs matter? 

The contribution of web development to online courses matter because it allows us to create more compelling and unique ways to teach the material covered in our courses. This approach enables the faculty and our Learning Designers to engage students to the content better. It will not only help elevate their grasp on the topics covered but will also make it more memorable and enjoyable.

What drives you as a Web Developer? 

Getting feedback from students and faculty on their experiences on a project always motivates me to keep creating and growing as a web developer. Learning that I have positively impacted users, drives me to put more effort and research into future projects.

What skills are required to be a good Web Developer? 

There are many skills needed to become a web developer, but the two most important ones I would recommend are, being patient and having the drive to learn. As a developer, you’ll run into bugs and issues that will have you lost and utterly confused, but the key here is to keep calm.

Taking your time to look through your code and assess what’s happening will come a long way in helping solve these roadblocks and looking for the right solutions. Having the urge to learn continually is also vital as a developer because it’s a field that is continuously growing with the introduction of new frameworks and tools.

Staying on top of new trends and tech will better equip you with tackling the ever-changing/evolving landscape of web development.