Meet Mike Purcell, EVP of Business Development. His experience in education, technology and start-ups lends itself to laying out a vision for the future of higher education, both for partners and for the Keypath team. It also speaks to his ability to bring diverse specialties together to design, implement and scale strategic plans.

What excites you about working for Keypath Education?
We have a great culture. Everyone seems happy to be here, motivated, and trying to do the right thing. Lastly, what we do and the solutions we provide helps students to better their lives.

Where do you see your specialty going in the next five years? 

As head of business development, I sure hope it keeps going well. Our approach is to act as a consultant to our prospective partners. We want to understand what their goals are and how we can help them achieve them — we don’t want to be just a supplier of services. By fully understanding their needs, we are able to keep up with where our partners are going, anticipate what their future needs will be and adjust our solutions to meet those needs.

How can you use your skills to change the student experience for the better?

Ultimately, everything we do is about the student. We are constantly exploring new ways to expand our service offerings to better accommodate and assist today’s students. This also relates back to understanding and anticipating prospective partners’ needs and changes in the industry.

What is your favorite personal achievement? 

I have two great kids that turned out great, in spite of me!

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